Our “Internet Aventures” began by simply writing articles for other websites which paid us for our submissions.  Over time, of course, we realized that these sites were all either pyramid-scheme scams, (Bubblews I’m talking to you!), way too difficult to write for considering the limited compensation, (that’s you, InfoBarrel), or well paying at first, but prone to fizzling out over time, (everybody else).  Unfortunately we came to this realization AFTER we had committed to owning the site.

What you will see on this page, and the associated “articles” pages under it, are our furtive and ultimately aborted attempts to promote some of our articles, back when we were still being paid for them.


Breeding Egg-Laying Aquarium Fish, Part 1  fish_in_tank

Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5   Part 6


Jackfruit worms ate my brain!  google_eyed_worm


Be careful messing with caterpillars! caterpillar_hungry


The Great “Intel Inside” Controversy smiley_embarrassed


When I’m old!  grumpy_old_man


Did you know raw beans are poisonous?  shock


A New Appreciation for Fine Art!   pinup_girl


 A theological joke.  Sunshine


Tyson vs. Schopenhauer  uppercut


Halloween is Over. Hooray!  witch_looking_for_you


The guava tree.  flowering_tree_color    


We met Honey Boo-Boo!  business_woman_stern


The day my mama almost killed me.  green_yellow_snake


A squirrel story.  gray_squirrel  


The confusing world of nutrition.  bubble_eyeball_character_question


A recent dream.  walking_path


Memories stirred by old writings.  man_writing


An evil key!  typewriter_old






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