The Piece of Work in Progress

Greetings, Gentle Reader!

Following are links to each of the sections, or “cantos”, of the novel I plan on writing for National Novel Writing Month this year, which is November, 2015.

What is “National Novel Writing Month”?  NaNoWriMo, (as those in the know call it!), is one month of each year which is set aside for all us aspiring writers to pen our next masterpiece.  There is even an organization which sponsors it, and like any legitimate organization has its own website: .

What’s with the “cantos”?  Well, since I will be writing bits and pieces of my novel on each and every day in November, (more or less – pressing life events may intrude from time to time), breaking each chunk up into a “canto” seemed like a cool idea.  Besides, if that madman and asshole Ezra Pound could get away with it, then I figured that I, not being completely crazy or a complete asshole yet, may get away with it too.

Now bear in mind that what you are seeing here is my “first cut”, in other words a rough draft. If it is worth doing, at some point in the future I’ll go through all this stuff, spiff it up, and consolidate it into a more seamless narrative.  But in the meantime what you see is what you get!

Canto 01  /  Canto 02  /  Canto 03  /  Canto 04  /  Canto 05  /  Canto 06  /  Canto 07  /  Canto 08  /  Canto 09  /  Canto 10

Canto 11  /  Canto 12  /  Canto 13  /  Canto 14  /  Canto 15  /  Canto 16  /  Canto 17  /  Canto 18  /  Canto 19  /  Canto 20


Okay ….. so this is a WHOLE LOT harder than I imagined, particularly with a family, (two small kids!), and a full-time job.  I’m trying to find the time and energy to write, but it ain’t easy folks. And as bad as this is, understand it could be even worse; I have had to already do a little bit of light editing and remove the strands of juvenile porn that my dirty-old-man mind seems to want to put in there.

If you’ve actually read any of my “novel”, thanks a billion!  God willing, the creek don’t rise, and no one pays me to stop, (any offers?), there will be more coming!

Update, 11/19/2015:  Well poop!  I was zipping along, (almost) on pace to knock out 50,000 words or so before month’s end, when my appendix up and conked out on me!  Yep, one day last week I sauntered into the emergency room with a pain, (non-excruciating, mind you!), in my lower right abdomen, and before the end of the day I had been knocked out, cut open, (laparoscopically, thank God!), and had my malfunctioning appendix removed.  Needless to say, this has taken quite the steam out of my writing engine; I haven’t written a word since Sunday, November 8th.  I’m gonna try like heck to catch up, starting this weekend, but it looks like a long shot that I’ll finish my novel on time.  Phooey!

Update, 12/08/2015:  It should come as no surprise to anyone that after getting my appendix removed this project came to a screeching halt.  Poop!!  I failed to write a novel this year, but fear not.  There’s always next year.