Day in a Life

In 2014 at PostAnyArticle, we started publishing a daily post titled, “A Day in a Year in a Life”. The idea was to post at least one article a day, every day, for at least a year.

Bad times at PAA derailed our project for a bit, causing a few days to be missed, or later to go missing, but now that 2015 has rolled around we continue to plod on, documenting our lives for …. oh, I don’t know. Future researchers? Desperate voyeurs? Friends and family members in needs of a good laugh?

The entries for 2014 are here:  A Day in a Year in a Life, 2014. ( , for the hot-link impared!)

2015 entries are here:  A Day in a Year in a Life, 2015. ( )

2016 entries are here:  A Day in a Year in a Life, 2016. ( )

Here is a list of the “Cast of Characters“, a “who is who” of our family: .


Bear in mind that if you click on a day for which no entry was created, (this would include days in the future!), or a day for which the PAA entry was deleted, you’ll pass thru an advert page which we use to scrounge up a few pennies to help pay for this site. (No, it is NOT self-supporting!) Want to donate? Click here: I Love Your Site, and Want to Give Y’all Money! (As always, please make sure you have anti-virus software installed, and that it is turned on.) go to one of our Tumblr blogs.

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