Here are our three “Blogspot” blogs:


1. Owls and Cuckoos     cartoon_owl  –  This is where we keep track of how much money we make online, (or, in our case, SPEND – we have a negative cash flow!), along with other miscellaneous babble.  If I have the time, I might start posting a “links of the week” entry.


2. Waypatas     bald_guy_full  –  This started out as a collection of disconnected babble, but now we are storing our “A Day in a Year in a Life” posts here.


3. Missing Music     Dancing_Reindeer_playing_guitar  –  Our first ever blog, started in way back in 2007!  Currently it is a means to highlight cool music found on YouTube, even if we have to post it to YouTube ourselves!



This “blog” is hosted on our Bluehost account:


1. Buying Nirvana     big_bag_of_money  –  This has become mostly an archive of our articles we posted on various “paying”, (ha, ha!), sites.  Yeah, it started as an attempt to make some affiliate link sales, but since that doesn’t seem feasible for us we decided to put it to a better use.



A blog hosted on


1. Mgadamgo   public_domain_astronomy_24  –  “Mgadamgo” means something like “dreams” in Bisaya.  Not sure what I’m going to do with this one; maybe, if I have the time, develop the “Letter to Angel” into a series?



Want to help us make some money to offset the cost of hosting our website, at NO COST TO YOU?   I can’t tell you to click on the ads on our monetized blogs, (Owls and Cuckoos, Waypatas, Missing Music, and Buying Nirvana), else the Lords of Adsense will get their panties in a wad and suspend or delete my Adsense account.  (Those meanies!)  What I can tell you to do is click on the Red X or Sexy Girl below, and after viewing an irritating ad you will be sent to another of our sites, where you can either peruse the wisdom there, or come back here.

Now both LinkBucks and AdFly swear up and down and over the river and through the woods that they scan their ad links, and that they would never, ever send you to a page with unsafe stuff on it.  Ha!  PLEASE have some anti-virus software installed and turned-on, not just now, but anytime you browse the big bad ol’ internet  I’ve kicked both LinkBucks and AdFly to the curb!



red_metal_letter_x  –  go thru a LinkBucks ad to a page on Mgadamgo, thereby giving us a billionth of a penny or so.  Nope  –  LinkBucks was sending “bad” (potentially dangerous) ads!


pinup_girl  –  go thru an AdFly ad to a page on BuyingNirvana, thereby giving us a billionth of a penny or so.  AdFly has been removed from this website!





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